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Wellness has become an integral part of modern living, a lifestyle adopted by millions of people: not just a cosmetic procedure, but a genuine results-driven approach  aimed at rejuvenating, improving the condition of the skin, activating metabolic processes in the body, relieving stress, soothing the mind and acting as a catalyst to connect with one’s inner self.

The word “spa” comes from the Belgian spa resort’s name, which has become a favourite tourist destination since the 16th century. Since the 17th century, the name of the balneological institution extended to mineral springs. In the second half of the 20th century, the word acquired a new meaning. – now, wellness encompasses all aspects of life and goes beyond spa rituals and beauty treatments. Today, the creation of Spa has become possible not only in specialised places such as day spas, salons and hotels but also at home and in the work environment. More and more people want to create their own private spa corner. The specialists from ExclusivelySpa, are available to help you design-built and equip your Spa. They are international distributors of the leading manufacturer of wellness equipment Kurland (Germany) – a pioneer in the field of Spa and wellness for over 50 years. Among the innovative systems and equipment created by Kurland, are Rasul®, Salve-in-Terra®, SnowBliss®, Soft-pack®, Kraxenofen®, Sabbia Med®, Brechelbath®, Stonebath®  as well as various types of high-quality saunas and steam rooms with unlimited design possibilities. Besides commercial Spas, with a selection of unique wellness experiences geared for small spaces from Kurland, ExclusivelySpa creates Residential Spas for luxury villas, apartments and hotel suites.We collected for you the most exciting examples of spa & wellness Systems that can be implemented anywhere: commercial spas, apartments, homes, or offices.


If you want to create a truly unique spa corner in your place, the Stonebath® is your perfect choice. Designed as a traditional or modern, stone or wooden interior, this sauna room can be customised with materials and lighting fitting your existing spainterior styles and taste.


The Brechelbath® is a genuine and truly authentic and unique herbal steam sauna, based on old traditions from the Alpine region. The sauna is equipped with comfortable wooden benches that are warmed from underneath, and heated floor lined with fresh fir needles or spruce branches. A beautiful tall stove in the middle of the room produces several steam emissions directed into an authentic copper basket with fir cones, releasing natural oils from them, and the steam, enriched with these oils, envelopes the bodies of the people sitting in the room. The steam is saturated with natural essential oils of fir or medicinal herbs, having a mild but beneficial effect on the body with temperatures in the Brechelbath® ranging between 45° and 65° Celsius. This combination is therapeutic for the respiratory system and helps accelerate metabolism and eliminate toxins. Also, the fir needles on the floor gently stimulate the feet’ reflex zones. The experience in this historical sauna is unforgettable.


The hay bath is a well-established tradition from the Alps. Today, it is an embodiment of a combination of ancient traditions and modern technologies – is used for therapeutic purposes, as well as for relaxation and rejuvenation. The practice of using the herbal (hay) bath KRAXENOFEN® dates back to the times when Austrian families gathered around a warm stove in a niche called “kraxen”. A basket of hay – “kraks” was placed in the room to release the beneficial qualities of hay.   Alpine farmers used these baskets to carry hay from mountain meadows to the valley, and then they began using them in their homes.

The characteristic essence is released from the essential oils (coumarin) contained in the hay, which has a soothing and invigorating effect whilst miraculously unblocking the respiratory passages. Swiss pine, on the other hand, provides inner peace, improves physical and mental resistance, and it is good for concentration problems and tension as well as helping with sleep. The heat rises through the special hay pads, and the essence of alpine hay spreads its scent from behind the comfortable heated seats, with the herbal mist softly stroking and relaxing the back of the seated person. To maximise the benefits, the person is enveloped in a sheet to retain the warmth and allow the heat and steam to target the back and neck region during the experience.


Awarded the Health Spa Award “Best Technical Spa Innovation”, this wellness system is designed primarily for couples, but you can enjoy the session individually. The Salve-in-Terra ceremony is not just a unique opportunity to relieve stress and have an effective skincare treatment but allows you to dive into the atmosphere of sensuality and emotions, taking wellness experience to a new level.

The couple lies down on the  fine membrane surface of the specially designed bed, reminiscent of an oyster’s shells. Gentle exfoliating mixtures, therapeutic moor mud, fragrant oils, nourishing creams and many more choices,  according to the chosen treatment, are applied on the bed and wrapped by the couple on their bodies. The treatment session begins with the steam filling the cabin’s space and infrared heat, and the bed starting the movement like the wings of a butterfly. The relaxing swaying of the bed enables the couple to gently slide back and forth, resulting in gentle contact while the applied products that work their magic on the body. The bed’s movement stimulates biological sensors that transmit signals to the limbic system and trigger the production of endorphins. Discreet and distant sounds and stimulating lights effects complement the effects of aromatherapy. Every four minutes, the heat increases its intensity; a change of temperature elevates the person into a dreaming state, forgetting time and space. Just before the end of the treatment, the sides of the bed are folding up like a clam. For a brief moment of intimacy, the bodies slide up close to each other.  As a rousing final note, the skin is cleansed with a warm tropical rain shower or a refreshing tingling ice rain shower, and the couple will return to reality.


The Kurland Fusion Room is a multifunctional steam bath experience derived from the popular Hamam Turkish Baths. Offering the possibility to set various treatment sequences, the Fusion Room not only provides a fulfilling steam experience but invites you to stepinto a full journey of treatments.  Eastern bath culture is a combination of a unique atmosphere and the effectiveness of procedures, physical and spiritual cleansing. Patience, silence, and simplicity are given special attention in the hammam.  What could be better than combining different treatment methods into one whole? Classic Turkish massage, “kese mitten” massage, wet brush massage, Scottish bath (rubbing with salt) or rubbing with oils, as well as various wraps. Hammam Fusion features four different cycles: from regular steam bath to snowfall, and ideally suitable for small spaces, giving a full range of experiences.

All-in-one: Hamam, Turkish bath, adventure bath, steam bath, Rasul and much more, and with shower and light effects such as tropical rain, ice fog, freezing rain and more, and unlimited design possibilities, this facility is a Spa on its own. Decorative marble basins, a sparkling starry sky, changing light effects, relaxing music and wonderful herbal scents characterise the extraordinary atmosphere in the room


The Kurland steambath RASUL® is a fantastic ancient oriental ceremony that immerses you in the atmosphere of bliss and splendour of the “Thousand and One Nights” fairy tales. The Rasul cabin bewitches with its impressive authenticity that resembles towering minarets and takes you into the world of sultans and sheikhs. Alternatively, a modern design can be created at your taste; the interior possibilities are unlimited.  Natural remedies applied to the body are first dried and then rehydrated with steam before being washed off by rain shower.

Designed primarily for couples or two friends together, but you can enjoy the session individually, and there is also a bigger version for 4 people.  The couple enters the Rasul cabin and applies the mud, oils or other body packs . After few minutes, a haze of warm steam (the temperature in spa 43-46° C) spreads throughout the room from integrated herb evaporator, the “starry sky” mysteriously flickers, soft lights, relaxing music, and subtle aromas immerse you in the bliss of relaxation and pleasure.  Warm tropical rain completes the magnificent Rasul experience that last for 25 minutes. The ceremony removes toxins from the skin leaving it soft and tender, removes dead cells, stimulates metabolism, calms the Mind and Soul. Additional features can be added to furthermore enhance these experiences like: snowflakes falling from the ceiling, mist sprays, romantic, fancy lighting arrangements, tingling ice crystals or cool rain.


Conjure up a heavenly snowstorm in your Spa that is available all year round, independent of climate and location. Kurland’s innovative spa system SnowBliss® offers this intense and unique experience that is more than just regular cooling after a sauna or steam bath treatment. Using cutting edge technology, the SnowBliss® ice shower brings unique elemental forces to your Spa. At the press of a button, select either a snowfall with gentle snow sprinkling or experience the full snowstorm with sounds of thunder and lighting effects, whilst flakes are swirling all around. The drifting snow crystals have the properties of corn snow, as skiers know it. The snow, therefore, only melts on the skin – not in the air. The effect is an extraordinarily refreshing feeling as can seldom be found in nature and quite simply instantly available, at any time of year. Excellent after a sauna or steam room.  A truly memorable experience for you and your guests. The snow-on-demand technology is energy efficient, unlike the traditional snow chambers.

ExclusivelySpa is the exclusive distributor of the leading wellness equipment manufacturer Kurland (Germany) – a pioneer in the field of Spa and wellness on the market for over 50 years. Kurland provides patented innovative systems and equipment such as Rasul®, Salve-in-Terra®, SnowBliss®, Soft-pack®, Kraxenofen®, Sabbia Med®, as well as various types of high-quality saunas and steam rooms with unlimited design possibilities – Brechelbath® and Stonebath®. ExclusivelySpa and Kurland develop new spa concepts, introducing unique services into existing ones, or helping those wishing to create their Spa at home.

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