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Vaccinations: a day will be allotted for each age group to sign up

Cyprus has decided to rush the process of vaccinating its population against the coronavirus. As a result, each new age group will now have just one day, rather than two, to sign up for vaccination on a dedicated portal.

Cypriots aged 49-50 years will be able to book their vaccinations on Wednesday between 7.30am and 8pm.
At the same time on Thursday, citizens aged 47-48 are invited to use the portal.
On Friday, 45-46 year olds on the island are invited to sign up for the vaccination.

On the weekend a second chance will be given to those in the older age groups who have not been able to sign up in time earlier.
Saturday is the day for 57-58-year-olds and Sunday for 59-60-year-olds.
Similar “reruns” are foreseen in the future.

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