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The visor saves from ultraviolet and CCTV cameras

The visor saves from ultraviolet and CCTV cameras

A new trend seems to be forming, which sounds like this – become invisible to security cameras. Just a month ago, scientists in the US developed a T-shirt that confuses digital surveillance algorithms so that you become invisible to cameras. It’s probably the ideal solution to protect against intrusive and potentially dangerous detection technology. Now those who want to keep their privacy secret can sleep easier. Designers come to their aid.

More recently, Phoebe Heess has developed a black visor that not only protects against ultraviolet radiation, but also from cameras with facial recognition.

The visor is made of soft material, is held in a special mount around the head and can be easily adjusted in size. The visor covers the eye area and does not interfere with peripheral vision.

The developers have already tested things in a system similar to that used by the police. It turned out that the algorithm can’t recognize a person with half of his face closed. “Even if the program determines the location of the eyes, the reflection from the lens will interfere with recognition,” the experts assure.

Last year Polish designers also presented a mask decoration that misleads the facial recognition system. In the course of research it became clear that it is possible to deceive cameras even with the help of ordinary make-up.

Source: Dazed

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