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Lavrov Russia has close warm relations with Cyprus and Greecejpeg

Lavrov: Russia has close warm relations with Cyprus and Greece

At a recent press conference devoted to the results of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s activities in 2020, Sergey Lavrov was asked whether the statements of U.S. diplomats that Russia was allegedly unfriendly towards Greece and Cyprus were true. In response, Lavrov assured that Russia has close warm relations and spiritual ties with these countries.

“I see no reason why Greece and Cyprus could be convinced that Russia is their enemy or has an unfriendly policy toward them. They are trying to be assured of that, but sensible politicians see the whole bottom line: just create problems, make an enemy out of Russia,” Lavrov said.

Commenting on the plans of his colleagues from Greece and Turkey to discuss the problems of delimitation of maritime zones at a meeting in late January, Sergey Lavrov noted that no one wants forceful action in the eastern Mediterranean. He assured that Russia is ready “to use good relations with the countries that are involved in these disputes” in case “such a request is received.

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