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Sanlorenzo - 62 Steel-min

Sanlorenzo – worldwide leader in the production of yachts and superyachts


One of the world’s leading shipyards in the production of yachts and superyachts, Sanlorenzo was founded by Gianfranco Cecchi and Giuliano Pecchia, who in 1958 opened the first shipyard near Florence.

Acquired in 1974 by Giovanni Jannetti, the company then known as “Cantieri navali Sanlorenzo” launched the first boat with a fiberglass hull in 1985, leading to remarkable growth in the 1980s and 1990s that prompted the move of the headquarters in 1999 to Ameglia (SP), still the main facility of the firm.

In 2005, Massimo Perotti – relying on extensive experience gained in over twenty years of activity in this sector – acquired the company from Giovanni Jannetti, supplementing Ameglia with a new production site at Viareggio for the production of fiberglass yachts with a length of over 30 meters. In 2016 came the decision to purchase the production site at La Spezia, home of Sanlorenzo Superyachts, and the opening of a research and development center for the creation of new models in Massa.


Born in 1960, Massimo Perotti is the Executive Chairman of Sanlorenzo SpA, a worldwide leader in the production of yachts and superyachts. With determination and entrepreneurial vision, Perotti has brought true innovations into Sanlorenzo, which have had a profound impact on the entire yachting sector. Starting in 2009 the company became the first in its field to collaborate with outstanding talents in the world of design and architecture, leading to stylistic breakthroughs that have revolutionized the concept of on-board space.

In 2017 Massimo Perotti was named Cavaliere dell’Ordine al merito per il lavoro (the Order of Merit for Labour) by the President of the Italian Republic, an honor assigned to individuals who stand out for excellent results achieved in entrepreneurial activities.

Massimo Perotti: “Sanlorenzo is a true factory of ideas, in constant motion. Our thoughts are already turning to 2022, and we are preparing to expand our range with two revolutionary new lines that touch on two fundamental points: the personalization of yachts, increasingly shaped around the lifestyle of the owner, and the question of sustainability, with a greater focus on the world around us.”


Sanlorenzo has been reconfirmed in the first place of the annual rankings of the world’s leading producers of yachts with lengths of 30-40 meters (superyachts) between 2009 and early October 2019. Published by the Dutch magazine Superyacht Times, the analysis shows how Sanlorenzo, as a single brand, is the largest builder over this period with 90 boats delivered.

A true case of nautical excellence, Sanlorenzo has also taken a place at the top of the annual ranking of the Global Order Book 2020, prepared by the English magazine Boat International, confirming its position in the top three shipyards in the world for the production of yachts and superyachts, and taking first place in the monobrand category (for boats over 24 meters in length).


Sanlorenzo has thus activated a series of collaborations with important galleries and cultural institutions like the Milan Triennale and with Tornabuoni Arte, with which the company has organized exhibitions on its yachts, during Art Basel Miami Beach in 2016 and the 57th Venice Art Biennale.

In 2018 Sanlorenzo formed a global partnership agreement with Art Basel, the world’s leading art fair for modern and contemporary art, for the annual appointments in Hong Kong in March, Basel in June and Miami Beach in December.

Furthermore in 2020, Sanlorenzo launches a long-term collaboration with the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, the most important museum in Italy for European and American 20th-century art.

Sanlorenzo becomes the Institutional Patron of the museum, at the highest level of partnership with the corporate world.

The focus on art and design is accompanied at Sanlorenzo by ongoing research in pursuit of innovation: thanks to its ecosustainable approach, in recent years the company has paid close attention to the development of technologies for the creation of hybrid and diesel/electric systems, applying them to an entire range of new models known as E-Motion.


An inimitable and timeless style, fine craftsmanship and the highest technology, attention to detail and customization have always placed the Sanlorenzo yachts, from 24 to 38 meters in composite material, at the highest levels of international production.

Three production facilities located in Massa, Viareggio and Ameglia are involved in the construction and in-depth research that go into every model. These are the sites where the three lines of Sanlorenzo yacht come into being:

  • SL” – streamlined, elegant and perfectly balanced, this range includes five models (SL78, SL86, SL96Asymmetric, SL102Asymmetric, SL118) from 24 to 37 meters.
  • SD” – yachts from 28 to 38 meters offering remarkable range to reach even the most faraway destinations. The Sanlorenzo semi-displacement models (SD96, SD112 and SD126) have design inspired by the lines of Trans-Atlantic cruise ships from the 1930s
  • SX” – crossover yachts based on an appealing and intelligent synthesis between the flying bridge motoryacht, for which Sanlorenzo continues to be one of the absolute worldwide leaders, and the recent, growing explorer type (SX76, SX88 and SX112)

The hulls and decks of the yachts are made with fiberglass, a composite material in which glass fibers are combined with special resins. The superstructures feature carbon fiber, for greater lightness, mixed with resin.


The division for the production of superyachts, metal boats from 40 to 70 meters in length, launched in 2007, has its headquarters in La Spezia.

The division produces three different lines:

  • Alloy range – Outstanding performance and technological innovation for the iconic line by Sanlorenzo that was the first to introduce the exclusive terraces that can be opened to the sea. Marked by fluid, elegant lines, the Alloy superyachts are made entirely in aluminum with a fast displacement hull.
  • Steel range – Featuring large internal spaces for maximum livability and comfortable outdoor zones with surprising solutions like the beach club at sea level that transforms into a garage for the tender, this line of yachts is made with metal hulls.
  • Explorer range – Created for those who want to fully experience the adventure of the open sea with extensive navigation range, but without sacrificing design, elegance and comfort, these yachts with their impressive, forceful lines provide ample on-board spaces and cutting-edge technologies.

For more information about these beautiful Italian ‘made-to-measure’ motor yachts, please contact Sanlorenzo Cyprus:

E: [email protected]

T: +357 25051296

A: Sanlorenzo Cyprus Ltd

9 Djelal Bayar street, Ayios Antonios

3042, Limassol, Cyprus


With 34 meters of lenght, SX112 is the new flagship of the innovative SX crossover line, the first in the world of yachting, launched in 2017 by Sanlorenzo and result of the synthesis between the classic motor yacht with flying bridge and the Explorer type. An “intelligent” proposal of a new way of living on the sea where style, flexibility and functional quality come together in a shared language. The new model offers a spacious beach area of about 90 sqm, expandable thanks to folding terraces, composed of an internal zone with fitness area directly connected to the outside by means of large sliding glass doors that permit the owners to utilize the spaces in an unprecedented way, maximizing the indoor-outdoor relationship.


The new Sanlorenzo 44Alloy superyacht, a 44,5 meters long fast displacement model, entirely in aluminium, which thanks to its unprecedented layout and maximum indoor-outdoor eurythmy takes the concept of livability to new heights.The owner’s cabin, the conceptual fulcrum of the project, is conceived as a private apartment of 147 square meters divided into three levels, with indoor and outdoor zones, in a solution never seen before on a superyacht of this size. The new model offers surprising spaces for the guests as well, such as the large beach club that opens on three sides, providing direct connection to the sea, while the foredeck, with its open area, offers multiple possibilities of use.


With an overall length of 61.50 meters, and five decks, the new Sanlorenzo 62Steel offers surprising solutions that set new standards in the metal superyacht sector. A unique concept that translates into the incredible spaces of the vast, sumptuous owner’s apartment, the large main living area and the majestic beach club on the lower deck. Among the characteristics features of the 62Steel project, the owner’s apartment has an area of 215 sqm, of which 75 sqm indoors, organized in the night time zone, a studio, two spacious bathrooms and a walk-in dressing room, and 140 smq outdoors at the bow of the upper owner’s deck.


The new ESPACE, which makes its debut in 2022, represents the sum of all the experience and innovation of Sanlorenzo. A metal superyacht with a length of 42 meters and large volumes, which combines independence, safety, flexibility and ample on-board spaces, with a dual spirit. On the one hand it stands out for remarkable navigation potential, typical of the Explorer models, while on the other it guarantees outstanding livability thanks to the longer stern zone, a large party area where the yachtsman can enjoy moments of relaxation with family and/or friends, in a single, unified space.

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