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Maria Milts: “MILTS FOOD, for those who value their resources, time, and health”

Maria Milts is an experienced nutritionist. She went from a chronic allergy sufferer to a happy person
and the author of a course on mindful eating. A few years ago, Maria opened Milts Food, her project to
deliver healthy food to every home, which has become very popular in Limassol and other Cypriot cities.
In an interview with Premiere, Maria Milts spoke about the creation and implementation of the idea and
why customers choose Milts Food.

Maria, how did you get into the world of nutrition? How did you choose it as the direction of your

I was thinking about it recently and counted more than 12 years as I consciously and unconsciously deal
with issues of healthy eating. My difficulties with allergies and skin led me to this topic. I reacted very
strongly to many foods, I could only eat a limited set of them, and during periods of exacerbation,
everything came down to buckwheat and cucumbers. I tried many drugs and methods, but all of these
gave temporary effects.
After the birth of my eldest son, there was a severe failure in health: lack of energy, apathy, allergies,
irritations on my face and body did not give me rest. I didn’t know what to do at all. So I read, searched –
and found nutrition, which was little known then.
I went to study as a nutritionist – a specialist in healthy food and eating habits. It was then that I found
answers to my questions about allergies, dermatitis, and the thyroid gland. I checked everything on
myself – it works! – and went into counseling, working with people individually and in groups. Then my
method grew into a system that once and for all solves weight and calorie counting problems and closes
many issues with chronic diseases. Based on it, I developed a menu for Milts Food.

How did you get the idea to open a project in Cyprus?

There was a request – an actual request from friends: to cook for them accordingly to my system. We
laughed and then decided to try. One, five, fifteen – there were more and more applicants, people
recommended us to each other. My mother supported me a lot then, and indeed, the whole family helped.
When I noticed that I was buying food containers in boxes, I realized: I needed to draw up a project, rent
a room, and work.
That is how Milts Food was born. The idea of the project is to allow customers to free up maximum time
for themselves, family, hobbies, and development, with the help of high-quality products to raise their
energy level, health, and interest in life.
The advantages of Cyprus – good ecology and fast delivery (this is one of the cool indicators of our
service). I respect my time and the time of my clients; it is essential for me that orders arrive on time.

How do you estimate the potential of the Cypriot market? What is its specificity?

I love Cyprus and see excellent prospects here. Here is a considerable concentration of people who care.
Conscious, successful, interested, and active, they choose the island as their permanent residence year
after year, and there are more and more of us here.
For me, the specificity of the Cypriot market is seasonality, and it is an island syndrome. Clients travel a
lot and go on business trips. And also national character traits – I adore them. Sometimes, it is difficult:
you rush with your mentality – today, urgently, run, fire! Then, you come to a meeting, and everything is
smooth, calm, and with coffee. Local features teach me to enjoy the process – thanks to them.

Who is Milts Food primarily targeting?

For those who value time, resources, health, and want to live a high-quality, exciting life!
What nutrition programs does Milts Food have, and on what principles are they compiled?
Our menu is very varied and adaptable. Portions in it differ in calorie content: small – by 1300-1500 kcal
per day, medium – by 1800-2000, serious – by 2300-2500. There is also a conceptual division. On the
“Standard” menu, we use all types of meat (except pork), poultry, dairy products, and eggs; there is no red
meat on the Fish/Chicken menu and no animal proteins on the Vegan menu. There is also a “Detox”
program, designed for six days and aimed at starting the natural processes of self-purification of our body.
We have a very flexible approach to forming orders: you can choose the “Standard” menu one day and
the “Vegan” menu the next. This option is often used by believers and those who prefer to arrange fasting
days themselves. Likewise, you can replace one dish with another and make a Lacto-vegetarian or
pescatarian menu. We are always ready to answer questions, suggest something, and help with the choice
to eventually find the best option for everyone.

Are there programs that customers especially love?

Oh yes, this is a Detox program! It seems that it just won the hearts and has already brought tremendous
benefits to people.

What a wonderful project! How to place an order? What kind of system do you have – do you offer
subscriptions for specific periods?

Thanks for the compliment! We accept orders through the website, Instagram, and WhatsApp accounts –
as it is more convenient for anyone. As for tariffs, it is most profitable to take a monthly subscription;
there is a freezing system – you can easily transfer days if, for example, you are leaving.

How often do you update the menu? Isn’t this kind of food boring?
Even with a monthly subscription, the menu for every four weeks is new, so the dishes do not get boring.
I sometimes even miss some – for example, octopus or lasagne.
In terms of updates, I prefer seasonal changes: for example, in autumn we have a lot of pumpkins, and in
summer we want something lighter, so fresh fruits, watermelon, and mango. So I always follow the
seasonality of products on the island.
Returning to “get bored,” – I already know from experience that we are all very different. For example,
with the same menu, some customers say they want something new, but it seems too unusual and varied
for some. So it’s entirely a matter of taste and preference.

Is Milts Food about long-term relationship?

Regular customers are another pride of mine. I think people feel that I care. A certain level of trust has
already been formed, which I value very much. Plus, the service saves a lot of time and money for those
who use it.

How do you see the further expansion of the Milts Food project? What is important to you?

I have ideas to expand the network both on the island and abroad. I am also interested in developing my
project toward enlightenment and education, especially for children. It is at an early age our essential
habits and patterns of behavior, including food, are formed. I see for myself, and I want to show everyone
how important it is for children to eat wholesome and high-quality food – this significantly affects their
physical and emotional development.

Instagram: @miltsfood

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