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A 400-hectare sports park will appear near Nicosia at a cost of 35 million euros

In April 2023, a 400-hectare Dedalus theme sports park is planned to open near the capital of Cyprus. The cost of the project is about 35 million euros.

The park, which will be located between the villages of Agios Ioannis and Meniko, will include four parts: sports, education, agriculture and energy. The territory will have, among others, an airstrip and a hangar for light aircraft, a landing area for skydivers, a golf course, two swimming pools – indoor and outdoor, cross-country bike park, motocross track, climbing wall, area for skiers, a 100 room hotel and a sports clinic. In addition, the park will have a conference room, a research center, its own garden and apiary, as well as restaurants and cafes.

Construction of the park will employ thousands of people, and when completed, the finished Daedalus will create about 200 permanent jobs.

Work on the project has been underway for about five years. It is now at the licensing stage. It is planned that construction will start this year.

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