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The incredible lightness of being, or What is floating 2

The incredible lightness of being, or What is floating

Everyone has probably heard about the Dead Sea, in which it is impossible to drown due to its high salt content. A similar state of weightlessness on the surface of the water can be felt without leaving your hometown – if only it has a floating spa. There are about six hundred such studios in the US alone, and the annual turnover of this market is more than a billion dollars. Let’s figure out what it is and where you can try it in Cyprus!

According to scientists, 90% of all human central nervous system activity is used to compensate for gravity. It is perhaps the most common cause of illness.


The history of floating, or “hovering” on the surface of the water, began with the fact that the American neuroscientist John C. Lilly, in the early 50’s became interested in the work of the brain under conditions of sensory deprivation, i.e., a complete absence of external physical stimuli.

The result was the creation in 1972, of the first commercial float tank in the world, named “Samadhi”, which literally means with a simple yogic term “Oneness with Yourself”.

How does it work?

You float in a special designed tank filled with Epsom Salt (Magnesium). Magnesium soothes the central and peripheral nervous system, is indispensable for muscle cramps, heart problems, insomnia, the tension in the body, nervousness, arthritis, migraines, etc. The solution keeps you in a state of weightlessness, with other words; no gravity – no sight – no sound – no taste.

The air and water temperature are stable at around 36 degrees (our natural body temperature). The sensory deprivation effect produces a mild, pleasant, and controlled temporary change in consciousness. The verbal-analytical left hemisphere, accustomed to verbally reacting to external stimuli, will subside in their absence and make it possible to hear the right one’s figurative-intuitive message.

The brain will begin to generate low-frequency theta waves, allowing you to enter the deep state that Buddhist monks achieve after years of meditation. In it, the brain actively produces endorphins – hormones of pleasure or the happy hormone, so that you will experience genuinely embryonic bliss. Simultaneously, adrenaline and cortisol (a stress hormone that stimulates aging processes) is significantly reduced.

A float session is an opportunity to dive deeply into your inner space. As you embark on a journey through the freedom of your mind, you will feel like pure consciousness, free from bodily limitations. It will help you understand yourself, free yourself from disturbing thoughts, solve complex problems outside the box, take a fresh look at your life, and positively plan your future.

Floating gives you a sense of harmony, security, and deep meditative peace that stays with you long after the session. Moreover, it has a cumulative effect – the more regular the practice, the better the result. There are many options of the length of floating, you can start with half an hour as a trial and continue on regular basis (2-3 times per week) from one hour to one and a half to two yours each session. It is comparable in its impact to vacation at sea, and in terms of calming and relaxation, it is equivalent to four to six hours of sound sleep.


Floating has a beneficial effect on the entire body and provides a robust health and beauty effect. When there is no need to fight gravity in a state of zero gravity, up to 90% of energy resources are unloading. It helps to relax the joints, spine, and cervical spine, most affected by constant gravity. While every muscle in the body is resting, pressure and heart rate return to normal, organs are saturating with oxygen, immune functions of the body increase, wrinkles are smoothed, cellulite is reducing, skin nutrition is improved, and complexion normalized.

Finally, floating is a great way to deal with jet lag caused by a sudden change of time zones.

Float Spa is an excellent addition to private homes, spas, and wellness centers in hotels, medical facilities, rehab clinics, corporate programs for staff well-being, or create your own Float Center business.

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