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Receiving guests is banned for COVID-19 prevention

Receiving guests is banned for COVID-19 prevention

The Cypriot Ministry of Health will today publish a resolution on another tightened quarantine regime in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. Recall that the day before a new record of COVID-19 infection was set in Cyprus – added 751 infected.

Since 18.00 on December 29 Cypriots are forbidden to visit each other – only permanent residents may be present in each house. The Ministry of Health promises to make allowances where care for children or the elderly is needed for the period when adult householders go to work.
Otherwise, the presence of outsiders in the house is allowed only on New Year provided that together they gather a maximum of two families and the total number of people, including children, does not exceed 10 people.

The following bans remain in force:
– For public or private events (meetings, demonstrations, parades, concerts, festivals, Christmas fairs, etc.);
– for gatherings of more than two people (minus children accompanying parents) in parks, picnic areas, beaches, town squares and sidewalks, etc.).

Public sector from Wednesday until January 10, inclusive, is transferred to remote work – only employees necessary to prevent emergencies will remain in the offices. Representatives of the private sector are also advised to let employees go home to work, if possible.

Complaints about violations of the regime citizens can anonymously send to the police at tel. 1460, 22606803 и 22606804.

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