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CABCY app – three easy steps to booking a taxi in Cyprus

This year, like never before, we have realised what a significant role technology plays in our lives. With lockdowns continuing in many countries around the world, especially in Europe, we rely on technology to communicate, to continue working and studying, to shop and order food, and many other daily aspects that keep our lives moving.

In Cyprus, we also saw a surge in the use of online technologies and apps, which brought about new players on the market. One such player launched this summer a Cyprus-based taxi booking app called CABCY.


CABCY (pronounced “cab” and the abbreviation of Cyprus – CY) connects passengers directly to licensed taxi drivers without having to call taxi offices in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca. Apps are popular because they are on your phone, which is always with you. Additionally, there is no need to search for or remember anything; when you need a taxi, simply open the app and order one for an immediate ride or schedule one for a later time. Pre-booking your rides is a helpful option when you are catching a flight or arriving in Cyprus or have an appointment, and need a taxi to get there. You can download and pre-book your ride even if you are outside of Cyprus.

If you are a traveller and not confident in your language skills, the app eliminates the need to communicate, since all you need to do is to set up your location, pick the type of car that you need, indicate your destination and confirm booking. To set your location you don’t even need to know the address, just turn your location settings on and the system will find where you are.

The app will also show you the estimated cost of your ride, the name of the driver, the license plate of the car and how long it will take for the driver to pick you up. CABCY set their tariffs according to the standard government taxi fares, so there is no overcharging whether you are moving around a city or going to/from an airport.

Another advantage of the app is the map that allows you to see the driver coming to you and your route to destination when you are already in a taxi. This way you can be sure that the driver is taking you in the right direction.

At the end of the trip you can choose to pay with cash or card, and if you enjoyed the ride, tip the driver and rate your experience. You will also receive an email with your trip summary, which you can use for your expense report or for contacting the driver or CABCY in case you forgot something in the car.


The idea behind CABCY was not only to provide an easy and efficient way to book a licensed taxi, but also a pleasant experience of riding in a clean and comfortable car.

The company’s CEO – a tech enthusiast whose businesses revolve around technology and apps in particular – arrived in Cyprus a couple of years ago and was looking for a taxi app to move around the island. While there was no Uber or Lyft here, a couple of apps were available. It turned out however,

that the type of car you would get would be one of two options: an old car that smelt of smoke or a nicer, later model car. The CEO believes that technology has to be aesthetic, not only functional, hence he decided to launch an app through which passengers can be sure to get only a presentable car.


Despite current restrictions and uncertainties, the company has many exciting plans. While we weren’t able to get all the details, we’ll keep an eye on CABCY’s website and social media channels to see what’s coming.

What we did learn was that the company is in talks with helicopter charter companies to enable heli ride booking through the app. This year has brought about the need for more flexible transportation, especially for our island, considering that getting in and out can be done mainly by air.

Secondly, CABCY is introducing a Taxi Butler button in several high traffic locations, such as hospitals, hotels, some larger offices, etc. This allows people who don’t have the CABCY app to order a taxi with a touch of one button and be picked up at the entrance. So look out for black and yellow buttons at the receptions across cities!

Thirdly, with the stricter fines introduced since 1 October, the company is also supporting social responsibility and spreading the message: Don’t drink and drive – use CABCY!


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