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A new lockdown is not an option at the moment

A new lockdown is not an option at the moment

The record for the number of sick people in the Republic of Cyprus was broken on October 15. Yesterday the number of Covid-19 cases exceeded 100 people in one day. Two days before that, 83 cases were registered.

Today the President of the country Nicos Anastasiades has addressed to all inhabitants of the island in his Twitter address: “I address to all citizens – we must once again demonstrate strength and we must carefully observe hygienic measures and wear masks to protect our families, our relatives and ourselves”.

Also the President has scheduled a meeting with island epidemiologists for tomorrow, October 17. It will focus on the situation that is getting out of control due to the sharp increase in new Covid-19 infections.

So far, despite the disappointing statistics, we are not talking about the second lockdown. As experts assure, this will be the latest measure that the government will take to stop the growth of the number of infected people.

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