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Tyson had a fight on the wrestler showv

Tyson had a fight on the wrestler show

Many believe that Tyson’s “return” to the ring began the day before yesterday, after his visit to the AEW (All Elite Wrestling – American wrestling promotion). Ex UFC champions Vitor Belforth, Henry Sehudo and Rashad Evans came along with him. They all took part in a mass fight.

First Mike tore his T-shirt off and then pushed former WWE star Chris Jericho. That’s when furious Chris caused the legend to fight.

Former heavyweight world champion has said that he is going to return to the ring and hold several exhibition charity matches.

He recently returned to training and published several videos in his Instagram, where he showed himself in excellent shape. This has delighted the fans of the 53-year-old boxer фnd they are confident that Tyson is preparing to become a professional wrestler.

The media is also actively discussing the fact that Iron Mike has already been offered $20 million for a fight with the mixed martial arts (MMA) legend 43-year-old Vanderley Silva.