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Turkish Minister Varosha will be open to the whole world

Turkish Minister: Varosha will be “open to the whole world”

The territory of Varosha will be revived and open to the world, said Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment and Urban Planning of Turkey, during a visit to the open part of the fenced-off area of the coastal city of Famagusta. The Turkish side opened part of Varosha to visitors about three weeks ago, 46 years after its closure after the Turkish invasion in 1974.

According to the Turkish news agency Demiroren, Kurum said he had met with Turkish Cypriot officials to discuss the revival of Varosha. He added that they had studied the work to be done in Varosha, which, he said, is one of the most important tourist areas of the Mediterranean. Kurum visited it only a few days after Erdogan announced that he would like to come here for a picnic. The minister said that his visit was aimed at examining and assessing the situation before the president’s visit.

The Turkish president is expected to arrive in the North on November 15, the 37th anniversary of the region’s unilateral declaration of independence. Turkey says it will return Varosha to its former glory as the most popular resort to attract tourists and boost the economy.

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