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The world's richest stars, listed by Forbes

The world’s richest stars, listed by Forbes

The top three most popular celebrities in the world were named by the American magazine Forbes. And this year, the list is headed by a model Kylie Jenner, who overtook singer’s Taylor Swift number 1 spot. Kanye West has been in second place for years. And after them, replacing Ed Sheeran on this line, tennis player Roger Federer. Together the participants of the rating have earned a huge sum – $6.1 billion. However, it is $200 million less than the last year’s leaders managed to gather.
So, closer to the numbers, Kylie Jenner earned $590 million this year, Forbes reported. Although Jenner has “exaggerated her business for years”, the money from the sale of 51% of her cosmetics company is quite real.

Kanye West, earning $170 million, included part of the proceeds from the Yeezy sneakers deal with Adidas. Tennis player Roger Federer earned $106.3 million and became the first representative of his sport to take first place among the athletes.