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The Golden Rules of Business

By introducing a new section to our magazine devoted to the secrets of running a successful business, we would like to focus on the statements of legendary figures of the business world who have been charismatic innovators and founders of modern canons of successful business management. Management, which brings billions in profits to its shareholders, is a critical ingredient to any profitable organisation.

The key to success for any company lies in the often simple and obvious things that must be present during its operation. Not surprisingly, for many successful businesspersons, the world of business is filled with excitement and the pleasures of increasing market share and revenues.For many people, the words “do what you like” are associated with going to the beach, doing nothing, resting or having time to take up a hobby seriously. For most, work cannot be associated with feeling pleasure and enthusiasm. Importantly, the key to success in business is to do what you love to do and get paid for it. Hard work, combined with the pursuit of detailed goals, must be one of your favourite things to do.

“For billionaires, work and pleasure are the same”, says Donald Trump. Looking at his success in business, this philosophy has brought him great dividends.
“There is only one way to do great work — love it!” This aphorism belongs to Steve Jobs. A well-known workaholic, he was obsessed by his work and by the need to achieve intended results. Enthusiasm can not only beat laziness, but it can also move mountains! On this note, it was Michael Jordan who commented: “I do not do anything half-heartedly because I know that it will lead to negative results.”

“The secret of success lies in the fact that there is no secret of success! You just have to work hard! Whatever your goal, you can achieve it, if you want to work. “ — Oprah Winfrey.

Pleasure compressed in time, enclosed in a well thought-out plan.

“Time is money”. This famous aphorism is, perhaps, known to everyone. Now let’s think: What part of the population follows this formula for success? It would seem clear that the percentage is quite low and certainly not above 5%. People, foolishly, dispose of the greatest resource that is available to every person equally and that is time….instead opting for wasted time instead.

So, time is one of the main resources of wealth. Not oil, gold or jewels, but time! The way that we manage time will lead to either success or failure. It is as simple as that!! Planning and preparing clear priorities allows us to formulate the right goals and objectives, putting them in a certain time frame. You must know exactly what you are going to do tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and beyond.

By learning how to properly manage time, the intelligent manager immediately starts realising benefits. Like any other resource, time is valuable and manageable. Wealthy people know this and they effortlessly manage their time and a huge amount of other people’s time as well. Almost every one of us is committed to selling our time to our employer and, in return, we will receive a certain amount of money. The employer will receive labour that can be converted into revenues and profits.

Any successful business leader will recognise the importance of teamwork, where “the release of a major product to the market always requires the joint efforts of hundreds of people.” (Bill Gates) Often, the path of any successful business is through the ups and downs.

“Everyone has been defeated, but the only ones who never fall are those who have not tried to climb the highest mountain. Try again and again! After all, a child does not refuse to learn to walk after the 20th fall! He does not say, “I think this walking idea, it’s not for me!”
(Oprah Winfrey)

Business is doing what you like, showing diligence, having the ability to manage time and creating a team of like-minded people with a desire to surpass expectations.

In conclusion, we offer a simple plan (created by Robert Kiyosaki) for creating a successful business:

1) Change your thinking.

2) Find any job that will help you save the initial capital for starting a business.

3) Master the skills of sales.

4) Create your own business.

5) Start investing spare cash in financial instruments, thereby making the money work for you.

Good luck in your business!

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