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Stay at home why do SMS requests get rejected?

Stay at home: why do SMS requests get rejected?

The Cypriot Sub-Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy has given the public another clarification on the operation of the permit SMS system for leaving home during the lockdown. This time, the officials voiced the main reasons why the system can give a refusal to the sent request.

According to Philenews, citing the department, there are three of these reasons, and they are all quite logical.

One person can send only two SMS to 8998 within a day. Accordingly, in response to the third request and beyond he will be refused.
The system will not approve the request sent during the curfew period (from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.).
The request is incorrectly formatted (we remind you that SMS messages should be formatted in a strictly defined way, otherwise the system won’t recognize them).