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Russia has stopped organizing repatriation flights

Russia has stopped organizing repatriation flights

From September 21 Russia stopped organizing export flights of its citizens from abroad, which took place in conditions of coronavirus pandemic.
“It was decided to stop the program of export flights from September 21 in connection with renewal of transport communication between states and possibility for Russian citizens to return home with regular flights”, – explains the message of operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus infection.

As an alternative to the export flights, on a commercial basis will be used aircraft that return to Russia after the cargo, cargo-passenger or transit flights, as explained in the message of the headquarters.
The last flight from Cyprus is scheduled for September 25. It will be made from Larnaca to Moscow (Domodedovo).

For the whole period, since the middle of March, more than 580 export flights were organized, which carried more than 92 thousand passengers.