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Fly three times faster than the speed of sound

Fly three times faster than the speed of sound

The vertically integrated aerospace and space travel company Virgin Galactic presented a concept aircraft that is to become the fastest passenger airplane in the world. The airplane will be able to accommodate up to 19 people and will fly three times faster than the speed of sound.

It is reported on the company’s website.

The Virgin Galactic of British billionaire Richard Branson officially announced Monday, August 3, the first stage of the design of his high-speed aircraft.

The supersonic passenger aircraft is expected to reach Mach 3 (about 3,700 km) and fly at altitudes above 60,000 feet (over 18 km). The aircraft will perform a variety of functions, including long commercial flights. It will be able to take off and land at airports like any other passenger aircraft.

Virgin Galactic has also signed an agreement with Rolls-Royce to jointly develop high-tech aircraft engines.