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Barcelona plans to get €700 million for Messi

Barcelona plans to get €700 million for Messi

Barcelona’s management intends to cut the salary of striker Lionel Messi in proportion to every day he misses at the start of the pre-season training camp. The media have already written that he did not show up on Saturday for a mandatory medical examination before participating in the pre-season training camp. Every day the 33-year-old Argentine makes €110 thousand.

Recently, Messi’s father, as well as his agent, is going to meet with the president of the Catalan club Josep Maria Bartomeu, as reported by Mundo Deportivo to discuss the departure of his son from the club due to constant failures in the Champions League.

At the moment, Manchester City, Inter and Juventus are all claiming the striker. But Messi’s agreement with Barcelona expires on 30 July 2021.

Therefore, Messi’s transfer to another club will cost 700 million euros, according to the contract.

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