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2022: how to achieve the desired goal

Not so long ago, we made the transition from the New Era to the Newest. Many prominent scientists speak about this phenomenon, including those in the field of psychology and psychotherapy – for example, professors V. Makarov and A. Katkov. A wave of transition and transformation swept across all continents of the globe and all of its population. This, of course, was facilitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the consequences of which we still have to overcome. I think it makes sense to devote a whole series of articles to this topic, in which we will analyze the systems of adaptation of our psyche to the conditions of the Newest era.

But not today. Today I want to talk about something beautiful, inspirational and inspiring, prompting to create and to do. After all, we are on the eve of a magical holiday – the New Year! Splashes of champagne, the smell of tangerines, sparklers – the expectation of all this is like a fairy tale that everyone wants to believe in, regardless of age. To believe that the New Year will bring changes for the better, and all the bad and superfluous will remain in the outgoing year.

The peculiarity of the New Year is that everyone is waiting for it – old and young, of any social status, no matter what the weather is. People whose mystical thinking prevails are especially reverent in the rituals that accompany this wondrous holiday, and entrust it with responsibility for their future and fulfillment of desires – sometimes excessive. After all, for it to happen exactly as you want, one hope for Santa Claus is not enough. We’ll have to make some efforts on our part – and not only mental ones.

In the segment of information business, interest in psychotechnology is increasing, and the value of the material obtained is also increasing. Even InstaBlogger Elena Blinovskaya recently openly announced that she is going to study psychology. As an adherent of a scientific evidence base with proven protocols, this news cannot but rejoice me. However, I am deeply convinced that psychology is a weapon. Before popularization, it is necessary to build processes for regulating professional activities and ensure the safety of clients, including ethical ones, with an understanding of the responsibility of a specialist.

So, today, on the eve of the New Year, I want to make you a gift – to share one of the techniques for moving to success. Several “ciphers” and “keys” are integrated into this psychotechnology. I call it “10 Steps to Accomplishment” – it will help you to achieve what you want … and give you a little more above that.



  1. Remember: if you are result-oriented, set achievable goals for yourself. We all have a specific list of personal or social constraints in our input – that’s okay. Awareness of this fact is precisely what gives us the opportunity to develop and “make” ourselves by overcoming our own limitations, and not to be in the illusion of a “fairy tale”.
  2. Make a list of seven to ten wishes. Remember that a year is a limited period of time, so it is important to listen to yourself and correctly assess your capabilities.
  3. Analyze which of these items are most relevant for the coming year, for which of them you already have some funds.
  4. During the week, observe yourself: on which desires from the list you spend the most time and resources, and which ones do not attract you too much in terms of motivation for action.
  5. Rewrite the wish list based on your observations.
  6. Based on your desires, formulate the goals you want to achieve. Try to make them as realistic as possible and reflected in the material world. The goal must be specific – this is a very important condition.
  7. Imagine that the goal has already been achieved. Evaluate and analyze your feelings – do you like everything, and if not everything, then where is the source of doubts and discomfort?
  8. Correct the list again taking into account the previous point.
  9. Make an algorithm of actions to achieve the remaining goals.
  10. Do it and remember that there are only two states on the way to achieving goals and increasing personal effectiveness: action or inaction. Either you do or you don’t – everything in between does not matter, but only confuses you and leads you astray.

Trust it – or rather check it out: it works!




Our consciousness is an amazing laboratory, knowing and respecting the laws of which, we can achieve a lot. In conjunction with the subconscious, we are able not only to accumulate ideas, but also to find the only correct ways to implement our plans.

Why does this technique work?

Because most of it is built and performed at the level of sensations, not logic. You’ve probably paid attention to how, guided only by rational thinking, we often hit closed doors, breaking our foreheads and not getting what we want. And in the end, being frustrated, with great disappointment in ourselves and in our own forces, we leave the field of creation, leaving in sadness, powerlessness and shadow.

So, following the points of the above technique will allow you to avoid such a negative experience. All you need is to focus on yourself, reflect it on your wish list, do a little work with reformulation and – full speed ahead, to implementation and success!

I would like to draw your attention to one more important aspect of the outgoing year. As my colleagues from related specialties say, we are now completing a large five-year cycle – and it would be nice to actually complete it. Look back over the past five years – what was there that was emotionally significant to you? I am now talking more about some “unclosed gestalts” – if you see them and are aware, now is the very time when you can successfully complete them. Conduct analysis, embrace the experience, draw conclusions, let go of the “teachers” and boldly, confidently march forward into 2022.

Remember, New Year is a good reason to start something. Now we are all overwhelmed with expectations, motivation and plans. It is important to correctly analyze desires and allocate resources, which, of course, everyone has. And do not forget that in order to be nourished with something truly new, you need to exhaust the old.

Set goals right and achieve them easily. Good luck and happiness to you in the coming year! See you in 2022!


Take care of yourself and your time. Be healthy!

Anna Danilova

Accredited psychologist, psychotherapist. Member of the Presidential Reserve of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League and SRO “National Association” Union of Psychotherapists and Psychologists “.

[email protected] 

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